Empty Shabbat table – Brisbane 27 October 2023

Today in the centre of Brisbane (Queensland) a beautifully set Shabbat table sat empty and silent, waiting for its 220 guests to attend. These missing guests, spanning 9 months-old to 85 years-old, are currently being held hostage in unimaginable conditions by Hamas terrorists. The same Hamas terrorists who raided Jewish homes and wounded, murdered, beat, raped, and brutally separated families on 7 October in Israel.

Pictured on the back of every seat, under the gaze of the city’s clock towner, an A4 page with the faces of each person kidnapped. This peaceful campaign is a reflection of the deep sorrow and worry we all feel towards these men, women and children, stolen from their community. This will be their third Shabbat dinner in captivity.

They must be brought home, and we must ensure that this time, this never happens again.

#setthemfree #bringthemhomenow