Holocaust exhibitions – Details and booking form

Details of the Holocaust exhibition display program

  • Exhibitions are free to borrow for anyone in Queensland.
  • If the borrower is within the South-East Queensland area, the exhibition can be delivered (at no cost), or collected from a central Brisbane location.
  • If the borrower is outside the South-East Queensland area, they will be responsible for organising and paying for shipping charges from Brisbane.
  • The borrower must take full responsibility for the displays during transit and while on display. Any damage will be the responsibility of the borrower (eg replacement).
  • Each separate display comes packed in a large vinyl bag and the total weight is between 10kgs – 20kgs (depending on the number of panels in the exhibition – this can be provided at time of booking).
  • The exhibitions can be borrowed for approximately 4 weeks at a time, unless special arrangements are made with the Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies.

Holocaust Exhibitions – Order Form