Any emails sent to addresses containing or any social media presence managed by the Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies are required to follow the following rules:
– Antisemitism will not be tolerated and reported immediately to the relevant authorities.
– Be kind. Insulting or bullying other members or non-members will get you banned from the group without prior warning.
– Be civil. We do not condone foul language.
– Stick to the topic. We only allow posts and comments related to the group’s activity. Off-topic content will be removed and you will get a warning.
– No spamming. Asking the same question or posting the same comment repeatedly after it has been removed by admins due to rule violation will result in a ban.
– Talk to the admin team at If you have any questions or concerns or are experiencing issues in the group, please turn to one of the admins for help.
– Any comments made against or attacking the QJBD, its officeholders or any Jewish organisation affiliated with the QJBD or other communal roof body will be removed and the individual banned from future communications (including mailing lists, social media groups and other communication tools).