Welcome to Jewish Queensland – a portal that captures the kaleidoscope of elements that make up Jewish life in Australia’s fastest growing State.

Every week there are more people moving to Queensland than any other State in Australia. They are discovering what residents already know – that this is a magnificent place to live, work and play. Queensland is one of the best places in the world, in which its residents live in freedom and relative peace. Our State is a wonderful place in which to raise families, and to live our lives fully as part of the broader Queensland community while retaining a proud Jewish heritage, traditions and beliefs.

Prejudice and intolerance can stem from ignorance which arises from lack of education and information. By providing clear and factual information about Judaism, the Holocaust and Israel, by explaining our community’s history, how it is structured, and the activities it is engaged in, we hope that an accurate picture and understanding of our community will be appreciated.

This site is managed by the Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies – the voice of Queensland Jewry since 1948. Its role to represent the Jewish community to the broader Queensland and Australian community.

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