The Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies Inc. (QJBD) is the official roof-body of all Queensland Jewry and has been the voice of the community since 1948.

The QJBD is recognised by the Queensland State Government and its agencies, the media and other ethnic and religious groups as the representative body of the Jewish community. It speaks on the community’s behalf on all matters affecting the status, welfare and interest of Queensland Jewry.

Its objectives are:

  • To provide a united and responsible Jewish voice that is heard by all levels of government – Local, State and Federal.
  • To provide an effective means of combating anti-Semitism.
  • To provide friendly forums that allow difficulties and problems to be discussed and resolved.
  • To organise communal ceremonies such as functions for visiting dignitaries.
  • To provide speakers on Jewish topics to service clubs, schools and Church groups.
  • To promote knowledge and understanding of the Jewish people and Judaism and working towards inter-community harmony and goodwill with other religious, ethnic and cultural groups.

The QJBD is part of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ), which represents all Australian Jews in its dealings on a national level.

Since 1948, the QJBD has had 10 individuals hold the office of President. They are listed below with their years of service.

Name Year commenced Year completed Number of years served
Abe Newhouse 1948 1952 4
Sam Hoffman 1952 1956 4
David Solomon, OAM 1956 1960 4
Laurie Rosenblum, OAM 1960 1964 4
David Solomon, OAM 1964 1968 4
George Frey, OAM 1968 1972 4
David Solomon, OAM 1972 1976 4
Laurie Rosenblum, OAM 1976 1980 4
Charles Trigger 1980 1982 2
Paul Fingereth, MBE 1982 1986 4
Laurie Rosenblum, OAM 1986 1998 12
David Paratz, AM 1998 2009 11
Jason Steinberg 2009 2017 8
Paul Myers 2017 2021 4
Jason Steinberg 2021