Queensland Labor party’s unfortunate anti-Israel motion

September 2018

Unfortunately, at the August 2018 Queensland Labor conference, their members have once again voted to condemn Israel and call on the immediate recognition of a Palestinian State.

The spokesman for the Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies, the roof body of Queensland Jewry,  Jason Steinberg said the vote was very unfortunate.

“There are some elements of the Queensland ALP, led by Wendy Turner, that do not understand the well established requirements for statehood stipulated by international law,” Jason said.

“Wendy Turner is also the Labor Friends of Palestine and the Queensland convenor of the Australia Palestinian Advocacy Network – so her motivations are clear, but her understanding of the issue is floored.”

Despite the motion passing, there where members of the Labor Party that argued against it during the debate.

“It was good to hear there was vocal opposition from the floor, most notably from the Member for Logan, Linus Power,” Jason said.

“Mr Power warned against any form of recognition that was not conditional on ‘Palestine’ respecting independent trade unions, women’s rights, LGBTI rights and the rights for minority groups.

“His premise was the whole question of recognition should be left to an incoming Federal Labor government to ensure these outcomes.”

The QJBD calls on all Labor members throughout Queensland and Australia to seek more information about the topic.

Read here an article by the ECAJ’s Peter Wertheim on the topic.