Jewish community applauds police for neo-Nazi arrests

19 January 2023

The Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies (QJBD), the roof body of Queensland Jewry, has commended Queensland’s counter-terrorism police for their speedy efforts in charging three South East Queensland men involved in recent neo-Nazi activity.

QJBD president Jason Steinberg said the recent spate of neo-Nazi activity in Queensland had not only been of great concern to the Jewish community, but was clearly a threat to anyone who values tolerance and acceptance.

“The activity we’ve seen includes racist flyers and hate symbols being peddled to Queenslanders and stereotyped antisemitic messages being promulgated,” Mr Steinberg said.

“In 2023, it is unbelievable that in our peaceful corner of the world, antisemitism and racial hatred continues to be perpetuated by people with no motive except to spread their putrid sentiments.

“It’s no wonder that 6 in 10 Jewish Queenslanders have been a victim of racial abuse and vilification.”

Mr Steinberg said those arrested were responsible for numerous antisemitic activities.

“These 3 individuals have been charged with disseminating their hate throughout South East Queensland, including a banner on the M1, letterbox drops in Brisbane’s inner western suburbs, as well as willful damage and contravening storage measures.

“In May last year the Queensland Government announced that it would introduce legislation making it a criminal offence to display Nazi hate symbols. 

“We’re looking forward to the speedy implementation of this legislation to let people know that Queenslanders won’t tolerate racial hatred.”

The banning of Nazi hate symbols was part of the QJBD’s submission to the Queensland Parliament’s Inquiry into vilification and hate crime laws.