Beit Knesset Shalom

Beit Knesset Shalom is a constituent of the Australian Union for Progressive Judaism. It runs a Chader in Brisbane and services are conducted each Shabbat and on all festivals. Beit Knesset Shalom is located on Brisbane’s southside.



Betar Queensland

Betar Queensland is a revisionist Zionist youth movement whose aim is to unite the Jewish youth of Queensland and provide a framework of education in Zionism, Judaism and Betar ideology. Holds regular functions, camps and other related events.


Brisbane Chevra Kadisha

The Brisbane Chevra Kadisha is run on a voluntary basis and attends to the last rites, Tahara and burial of persons belonging to the Jewish faith in accordance with Jewish laws and customs.
It provides comfort and guidance to mourners, assisting with funeral arrangements and procuring tombstones in accordance with local customs and laws.
It raises funds through membership, donations and bequests for the purpose of maintaining its Chapel and Holocaust Memorial and ongoing maintenance.



Brisbane Hebrew Congregation (BHC)

The BHC is Queensland’s oldest Jewish congregation dating back to 1865. The Brisbane Synagogue was built in 1886 and is listed as a heritage building by the Government and National Trust.
The BHC is a modern orthodox congregation offering a full range of services and activities. Shabbat services are held Friday evenings and Saturday mornings weekly. All festivals are celebrated with services commencing at similar times to shabbat. The congregation also holds morning services every day. Special children’s services and education evenings are regularly held. Tours of the synagogue and lectures for school groups and interested organisations are also held regularly.
Membership of the BHC is encouraged. However, all are welcome to participate in activities.


Brisbane Progressive Jewish Congregation (BPJC)

BPJC exists to provide a welcoming, friendly environment where Jews can worship, learn and grow, and where everyone can contribute to the Jewish and broader community of Brisbane. We accomplish this by providing, in a Progressive Jewish framework, for the religious, cultural, educational and social needs of Jews in Brisbane through services, learning programs and social activities that celebrate the principles of Torah, Talmud and Progressive Judaism.



Byron Bay (Northern New South Wales)

For further information about activities in Byron Bay, contact: